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Falcom CATV

PT. Mitra Kabel Indonesia was established in 2002. Starting the business in providing cable television service in several areas. In line with the growing of demand cable television service in many areas, at the beginning 2005 the company expanding the business in trading CATV/MATV products for local CATV operators under "FALCOM TECHNOLOGY" brand.

Product Falcom

Fixed Modulator model E203

Features : Support with IF SAW, Optimal design and simple circuits, CPU is controlled by PLL, it makes carrier frequency (carrier freq) accurate and stable, Flexibility arrangements : Video modulator depth, A / V ratio, and RF level, Casing size 19" practical so that installation and maintenance is pretty easy.

Fixed Modulator 19 MW 963M

Features : Fixed channel system, with output frequency ranges between 48 – 860 MHz (PAL B/G), High performance due to IF processing system fitted with a SAW filter, High accuracy because the system adopts a PLL circuit (frequency channel selection circuit using 0-33 voltage supply) unit inside MCU, Fitted with MMIC internal circuit, Power Supply system using automatic switching, 220 VAC supply level, Output level can reach 115 dBuV, Casing size 19”, comes in handy  with the installation and maintenance, fitted with 7-segment LED as a channel indicator.

Amplifier FSA S300

Features : Using 1 amplifier module with a nominal gain of 30 dB, Using 550 MHz PAD and an adjustable attenuator  within the equalizer, makes it easier to set a certain signal slope level, Changeable output configuration  (splitted into 2-way output or tapped), Casing design is sturdy, light weight, and rust-proof.

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